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We are an educational academy with different approach to the markets than most of the traders and companies.
We are teaching people how big players manipulate the markets and how you can benefit from this manipulation by using concepts of supply and demand with other strategies we are going to teach you.
We specialize on the Foreign exchange market also known as Forex. Great thing about the strategy we are going to teach you is that you can implement it in any type of market you want. We also do trade cryptocurrencies and stocks sometimes which we show our members in market analysis videos.
We are going to teach you how to think and see the market like the big banks and institutions. By using concepts of supply and demand you will learn where big players have their orders resting and how they manipulate the market. There are no indicators or any nonsense patterns.
Absolutely not. In our Academy we want to you to become a profesional trader and we are not looking for people who just blindly want to follow some signal service. Trading is not the type of thing where you become rich overnight and becoming a profesional trader requires hard work and dedication.
Most brokers let you start with as little as 50 €. If you want to take trading more seriously though, we recommend you saving up a little bit more first and start somewhere between 500-1000 €.
We made our educational content that way that it is suitable for everyone. It doesn't matter if you area complete beginner or profesional looking for the new edge in the market.


When you become a part of the Academy you will gain exclusive access to 26 trading modules in form of articles and videos. Also our members will receive Market analysis and live trade examples in the private group everyday.
You will have to pay €149.99 to join the Academy and get access to all the learning content, you will also get first month of the subscription for free. After that, you will be charged €149.99/month to keep your subscription. We also offer special deals and packages. All you have to do is take a look at our Course Pricelist.
No, all the content you will receive is in english.
Yes, you can cancel anytime without fixed terms.

However, trading is not a sprint but a marathon. It takes time and experience to achieve results - don't expect that subscribing for only 1 month will bring you huge returns.
Yes, you can take a look at our Blog or you can sign up for the 4-Day Trading Course

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