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We are a Trading Educational Academy with different approach to the markets than most of the traders and companies. We teach people concepts of liquidity and orders flow which are used by smart money to trap retail traders, with that we are using supply and demand and volume analysis to find high probability setups across different markets.
We specialize in the Foreign exchange market also known as Forex. Besides that, we regularly scan Cryptocurrencies and Stocks for long term investments using the same strategy in all the markets we trade.
The strategy is based with high emphasis on price action from a logical perspective. Being able to find areas with high amount of resting orders which market needs to visit to be able to move.
No, even though we share all our trades live with regular monthly performance recaps, we don't want you to blindly follow signals of trades. That's why we created a series of educational videos so every trader who joins the Academy will become a standalone professional.
Most brokers let you start with as little as 50 €. If you want to take trading more seriously though, we recommend you saving up a little bit more first and start somewhere between 500-1000 €.
We made our educational content that way that it is suitable for everyone. It doesn't matter if you area complete beginner or profesional looking for the new edge in the market.


Once you become a part of MasterThePrice Academy you will gain lifetime access to all educational videos, you will join our live trading room and get regular market updates in a video forms. There are no additional fees besides the joining fee.
Cost of the Academy is €549.00 if not stated otherwise during special sales or promotions. This is the only payment you will have to make.
No, all the content is only available in English right now.
Yes, you can take our Free Trading Course or check out our Free Blog for articles.
Yes, every member who joins the academy can request a call with our team at any time. We are always more than happy to help you on your trading journey.
Once you join us you will be able to learn all the trading concepts which we gathered over the years of trading.Trading doesn't have to be complicated and once you get a full understanding of the strategy, you will start to see markets in a whole different way than you used to.After finishing the Academy you are going to be able to trade with ease of mind and have confidence with every trade you take.

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