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Whole new perspective on trading education. Teaching people how to beat central banks from their bedrooms.

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“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Warren Buffett, Investor & billionaire

Why choose MasterThePrice?

Let’s think for a second. If you start browsing the internet now and looking for “trading education”, what you will find? You will find that 99% of the information is the same. All the blogs, broker education sites, videos. Everything is the same. We learned this a hard way, so you dont have to.

Moreover, at the top of that, you have all these trading gurus taking your money to teach you the most basic retail stuff that you can find online for free. Unfortunately, this is the way that 90% of traders fail. All the indicators are just made for retail traders, and all the education is created by the wealth for you to fail.

We are going to teach you how the market works. No indicators, no crazy called patterns or candlestick formations (do you think that big players are using “butterfly patterns” or “3 bearish soldier candlestick formation” ?) No more brainwashing and convincing you that trading is easy.

Trading is one of the hardest things you can do. Its psychologically exhausting and you will hate it and love at the same time. However, the reward here is just too good to miss.

And once you understand how the market works, whole new doors will open to you.

Our Vision

The first thing you must realize is that all markets are manipulated and when you figure out how, why and when, you start winning on a brand new level. We at MTP Academy are here to teach you how to use this manipulation for your benefit.

There are going to be NO indicators. Everything you are going to learn here is pure Price Action , but don’t expect nonsense patterns like head and shoulders, double tops/bottoms or classic candlestick patterns which are thought everywhere by those so-called “trading gurus”.

You will understand the charts and price on a whole new level and learn how banks use retail traders hopes and fears for their profits. Our main goal is to help people to understand that price will always tell you everything.

Moreover, teach you how you can beat the bank and become a profitable trader.